Jack's Stir Brew Coffee was founded in 2003 by Jack Mazzola with the goal of creating a sense of community by evoking childhood memories of the honest, family atmosphere of his father's business.  Jack paired this feeling with the highest quality organic coffee, delicious vegan baked goods, thoughtfully curated marketplace items, and customer service second-to-none to create the Jack's Stir Brew Coffee experience. Now serving over 50,000 people a week with locations across Manhattan and Eastern Long Island. Jack's started as New York City's first coffee house to exclusively serve ethically sourced organic, shade-grown coffee. Jack’s helped to pioneer the crop-to-cup movement by working directly with the farmers and purveyors that grow the coffee Jack's proudly serves.

Jack has never lost sight of the values learned from the way his father ran his business.  Jack’s is dedicated to knowing everyone in the food chain from guests to purveyors, no matter how big or small, to forge the relationships that now make up the Jack's family.


What came First The Stir Brewer or the The Stir Brew Roast?


Before Jack's opened, the search was on to find the perfect coffee roast and the best brewing method. For early inspiration, Jack would head back and forth from his apartment in Greenwich Village to Porto Rico Coffee Importers as he tried to nail down the perfect cup of coffee. At the time, his preferred method of brewing was the French Press. As Jack ground the coffee and added water, he would stir the grinds to make sure he got an even balanced brew. That was the moment it hit him -- he remembered his Italian grandmother mixing together all the ingredients for her tomato sauce with a steady arm and realized, "WE HAVE TO STIR THE COFFEE!"

With the idea of stirring to provide full extraction of flavor, a ton of passion, and the help of Jack's father's friend, a world-class engineer, the Stir Brewer was awarded a patent and was already in use at the first Jack's Location on 10th St in NYC. 

Jack, Cafe Alta Gracia, Dominican Republic

Jack, Cafe Alta Gracia, Dominican Republic


The classic Stir Brew Roast that complements our patented brewer came to life after Jack read a book by Dominican writer and coffee farmer Julia Alvarez. In this book, he saw a farm that was run with the same principles as his family's business; honest hard work, an extremely high standard of quality and a deep connection to the community it served... he booked a trip the next day. After a month long trip of working on the farm, Jack gained a true respect for the practices of organic farming and the values of fair trade principles. After his time with the farmers of Cafe Alta Gracia, Jack returned home with the organic, Fair Trade, shade grown beans that make up the bulk of our Stir Brew Roast.  To complete the blend, we add only the finest organic, Fair Trade, shade grown beans from South and Central America along with Sumatra. 

10th St Photo Wall

10th St Photo Wall

Over the past decade Jack's Stir Brew Coffee has grown from 1 shop on to 10 locations between NYC and the Hamptons. In that time Jack opened a vegan organic bakery while beginning to offer an increasing assortment of healthy eating options.  From a community coffee shop on W 10th St, to a humble family run company with 10 stores and a bakery, to whatever the next step may be,  Jack's is dedicated to growing the right way by offering exciting opportunities to our employees and the community we are connected to while consistently raising the bar on our standards.